Iron Sky (2012)

‘Iron Sky’…yet another ‘Oh the Nazis are back again to take over the world’ film. Just when you think it’s been a safe and productive year for cinema, you’re hit in the face with one of these below average Nazi world domination comedies and horrors. Last time it was of course ‘Dead Snow’ (2009). Where we are led to believe that the Nazi’s have been frozen in wasteland for all these years. The Nazi undead are coming for your valuable spare time.

It’s true that ‘Iron Sky’ does rise above ‘Dead Snow’ in nearly all areas. The filmmakers behind the film push the action and story line to the extreme, they clearly all sat round a table until they could make the story as unrealistic and infantile as possible, with a little bits of casual racism along the way. The reason why it exceeds the previous Nazi debacle film is because ‘Iron Sky’ is trying to be as stupid and irritating as it can possibly be. The film revolves around a Nazi mission from the moon, where they have been hiding for 70 years, to the earth to enslave humanity once again, need I say more? By putting themselves out there the director and his team manage to get away with the ludicrous plot and situation, they laugh along with how rubbish everything is with the audience, knowing full well that this is the only way that the dreaded ‘Nazi Comedy’ can be pulled off to any kind of extent.

As you would expect with this widely distributed, and not forgetting successful, kind of semi independent film, is it relies heavily on special effects. This will obviously continue in these kinds of films until some producer puts up the money for a ‘Nazi Comedy’ to be shot on location outside of the earth’s atmosphere, this will probably happen one day, sadly. The first shots that we are greeted with show off the great effects that the Finnish production company were able to afford. The camera examines the vast Nazi moon base and all the action below, with storm troopers marching left and right. The camera eventually cranes out to reveal the shape of the base, and of course, you guessed it, it’s in the shape of a giant Swastika!

I don’t think that I can go into further depth on the story of this film, without losing my mind for a second time in the space of 48 hours. You’ll have to experience it all for yourselves I’m afraid. What is interesting to note however, is that this film was clearly heavily targeted at the USA above all countries, even though it was a European co production, mainly financed in Finland. The film began as a very small idea discussed between the director and a friend and quickly spiraled and spiraled into a feature long satire. The film grew mainly because of the new way in which small independent films try to attract finance. The internet and crowd funding/participation is now common place in this area of the market. Filmmakers now directly appeal to those that they believe will be the target audience of the film for small finance, in exchange for privileges. Depending on the amount of money these privileges may vary from a written credit in the end roll of the film to an invitation to the premiere. The way that ‘Iron Sky’ rewarded it’s dedicated ‘potential fans’, is by offering them a chance to actually appear in the final movie, well their voice anyway. The fans who put up the most money got to see their voice in the climatic end ‘Star Wars style’ space ship battle. The fans that they targeted most were of course as mentioned above were Americans, as that’s where most of the potential business lies. The filmmakers also tried to enhance a connection to the USA by heavily Americanising the story…always a good move in the American’s book.

Believe it or not, this film is actually the favorite movie of thousands of fans worldwide and drew acclaim from many. You may actually like this film a lot, laugh at it’s jokes and tell your friends. This is why these kind of films will continue to be made, the money and is there. I just wish this was the case for the great Indie films that never get distribution. Lets hope we’re not forced to make ‘Nazis in Atlantis’, to survive in the film world of the future…

Rating: 4/10


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